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Users' feedback

I assembled my Sam460 this week and i´m very satisfied with the product, answers and all gifts you sent me!!! :-)

Rodrigo V, Brazil

As a single user of a SAM-flex with AmigaOS4.1, i just want to thank your team for differents upgrades since last year. - I’ve bought my SAM in August 2010 - and I’m very happy to use it.

Pascal H., France

The 440ep is a wonderful piece of hardware to use with AmigaOS4.1 (Update 3). Granite-rock stable, brilliant sound and gfx, and, best of all, very very fast.

Wolfgang H., Germany

Me and many others are very grateful for your hard work and commitment. Keep up the good work.

Jesper Klingvall, Sweden

Thank you for providing such an excellent machine that I use every day, have hardly touched my Apple MacBook Pro since I have had my SAM460 :-)

Michael S., UK

Latest news

Mon, 20 Apr 2015
1 week off
Dear customers, our company will close for one small week of holidays.
Mon, 20 Apr 2015
1 week off
Dear customers, our company will close for one small week of holidays.
Sun, 07 Dec 2014
Small utility that may increase performance on Sam460/AmigaOne 500
This utility enables L2 cache write and thus may increase system performance a little bit.

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