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Thu, 06 Dec 2012

Equilibrio - New game for AmigaOS 4

Acube Systems Srl, in collaboration with DKGames, in a continuous effort to enrich its customers experience, is proud to announce the latest port of Andrea "afxgroup" Palmatè, one of the most profilic Amiga developer: Equilibrio.

Equilibrio is a nice puzzling ability game sporting 64 stunning levels where you have to prove your ability. The game was originally developed for the WII console, but existing today for platforms:

  • WII
  • OSX

    and NOW...

Thanks to Christophe Kohler (and old but young Amigan) and DKGames we have had access to the Equilibrio source code to extends the support for our operating system, AmigaOS 4.

Keep an eye on this page for other interesting game ports: http://www.amigasoft.net/pages/games/default.asp

Altough the game is completely free, we would like to remind the audience that software development and porting needs a lot of time and resource. For this reason, every donation for one of the following paypal account would be very pleased.

  • DKGames:  http://www.dk-games.com/
  • Acube Systems:  http://acube-systems.biz/
  • Amigasoft: http://www.amigasoft.net/

Equilibrio Features:

  • Simple and intuitive game
  • 5 types of balls
  • 64 levels (ranging from easy to hardcore difficulty)
  • Original music tunes
  • 25 trophies with unlockable prizes
  • Highscore table
  • Support of 6 languages
  • Extension pack of levels planned
  • Level editing tools0
  • High resolution