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Mon, 15 Jan 2024

Radeon Driver and USB/SD Boot on Sam4x0

Dear valued customers,

We have received numerous inquiries regarding the appropriate Radeon driver to use and how to go about it. We understand that using AmigaOS 4.1 can be a bit challenging in this regard, so we would like to provide you with some helpful information to make the process easier.

Please take a moment to read the linked article, which discusses the various versions of Radeon drivers and provides instructions on how to install them on AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition. It is crucial to carefully go through the article to ensure a smooth installation.


Additionally, we have prepared an article on utilizing an USB key or SD card that contains an AmigaOS 4.1 system, allowing for easy booting on Sam4x0 systems. We understand that working with an USB key / SD card may not be as straightforward as it should be, so we are here to assist all our customers and fellow Amigans in the Community.


We genuinely hope that you find these details invaluable and that they enable you to utilize AmigaOS 4.1 on Sam4x0 at its best.

ACube Systems

Wed, 11 Oct 2023

Sam460LE special price

Amiga38 is over but our special prices continue!

Fri, 09 Jun 2023

Sam460LE shipping update

We've shipped all preordered Sam460LE boards after thorough testing. The board of this production run now runs at 1.14 Ghz, not 1.10 Ghz. All orders after the preorder period have also been shipped. Get your Sam460LE with the team's names on it while you can. Thanks for supporting our products!