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Thu, 06 Nov 2014

New RadeonHD driver for all Sam460 users

Dear Amigans,

With the new Sam460cr just released by ACube Systems it was logical to team again with A-EON Technology to offer Amigans the best experience with their new product.
The new RadeonHD driver now supports many different Radeon graphic cards. It was then obvious a new version was needed to give maximum flexibility while installing AmigaOS.

Thanks to this agreement between A-EON and ACube Systems, Sam460 and AmigaOne500 will be released with a special version of the driver called RadeonHD Lite.
This is a limited version of the RadeonHD driver that is more than enough to install AmigaOS 4.1 and start to use it. As it will NOT have compositing support and will be limited to a maximum resolution of 1024x768 any Amigan wanting to do more serious work will want to upgrade to the latest version released by A-EON.

RadeonHD driver available on Amistore: http://www.amistore.net/